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The site is essentially a showcase of ATOMAT Ltd. on the Internet. Our small, family-owned company is a premium brand in the reception and distribution of terrestrial and satellite television, home theaters, audio-video installations, data transmission systems, and CCTV systems.

We can do a lot, if not everything. From the simplest installation of an antenna for individual reception of terrestrial television or satellite television dish to design, installation, commissioning, repair, and further maintenance of systems for collective reception and distribution of audiovisual content.

As a family-owned company created and managed by Alexander Alekhin, we pride ourselves on our approach to business, offering to the market highly professional engineers and only high-quality materials, parts, and components.

Our company is located in the village of Kosharitsa and offers services in all settlements of the communities of Nessebar, Pomorie, Obzor, and Burgas.

Installation of satellite dishes

With decades of experience under the belt, we can proudly claim ourselves experts in the field of satellite dish installations and repairs. Today we are installing several types of systems for getting signals from any satellites receivable in our area. It should be noted that the most popular are systems for receiving free program packages from different countries and multi-feed systems for receiving signals from several satellites to one or several dishes.

We install not only dishes for personal use, but also antennae for collective receiving of television signals in residential complexes, hotels, enterprises, and organizations, as well as distribution systems for those received signals. Satellite broadband internet access is gaining popularity nowadays, as well.

At the request of our customers, we install special dishes, such as fiberglass ones for a longer service life or transparent ones to preserve the appearance of buildings.

Whatever your requirements are, you shouldn't waste your time looking for a service provider for the installation, repair, or maintenance of a satellite television system. ATOMAT Ltd. is the service provider you may trust.

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