CCTV Installations

ATOMAT can design, install, repair, and/or maintain almost any type of CCTV system from a good old analog-based up to modern IP technologies.

We do not just install CCTV for home and business, but secure peace of mind to the home-owner / resident or a business owner.

Trying not to focus on the negative, but thefts from homes and non-violent burglaries remain the most frequently registered property crimes in Bulgaria. Registered burglaries in 2019 decreased by 19% compared to 2018. Burglaries predominantly occur during the night, but 25% take place during the daytime. Measures to protect dwellings include installing window grilles/shutters, solid doors with secure locks, an alarm system monitored by a security company with an armed response capability, and a proper CCTV System, of course.

Some of the benefits of a professionally installed CCTV system with features possible are:

  • You can monitor your home or premises 24/7 whether home or away by smartphone, pc, or tablet. Perfect for holidays, holiday homes, and extra business premises.
  • Have all your recordings transferred to an integrated hard drive which can be accessed at a later date.
  • Monitor and record incidents with visual evidence to help settle disputes.
  • ‍High-quality crystal images including High Definition (HD)
  • ‍IR cameras can supply pictures in poor or no light.
  • ‍PTZ cameras can provide surveillance by moving in a direction dictated by the end-user.
  • ‍CCTV is an undeniable deterrent for crime.

Our process begins right at the consultation stage where we speak with our prospective clients listen to their requirements, establish a budget, and put forward the most appropriate system. Booking through installation is a breeze, especially for home CCTV systems where we have our ‘Home CCTV installation packages’ for 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8 camera options. After installation, we do not neglect our responsibilities with post-installation advice and support supplied over the phone and e-mail.

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