Satellite Dish Installations and Repairs

ATOMAT specializes in expert and affordable satellite dish installations throughout South Coastline. We provide a sense of piece of home to foreign homeowners, as well as piece of mind to all residents and businesses alike and provide our services in and around Burgas, Aytos, Ruen, Pomorie, Karnobat, Nesebar, Sredets, Sozopol, Sungurlare, Kameno, Tsarevo, Primorsko, Malko Tarnovo, and all the towns and villages in between.

Types of satellite dishes we install

We install a multitude of satellite dishes for a variety of applications. Beneath is some information on the types of dishes we can install, along with their purpose and link to the relevant page.

Satellite dish installations for Bulgarian TV Channels

A small unobtrusive satellite dish is all that's required for receiving of Bulgarian TV Channels from Hellas Sat, Intelsat, or Eutelsat. We, as experts in satellite dish installations. offer such as high, difficult to access installations where a dish may need to be installed to clear obstructions such as nearby trees or buildings, or just to keep the thing out of sight! Find out more about our Standard installations here

Multi-Satellite Dish Installations for more TV Programs

From a satellite point of view Hellas Sat. Intelsat, Eutelsat, HotBird, or Astra are very much the same thing. The same satellite dish that is used for Hellas Sat is used for HotBird. It is even possible to use the same fixed dish to receive from more than one satellite position at the same time making it the perfect choice for people wishing to save money on installation. Instead of installing a few dishes, we install one dish. Find out more about our Multi-Satellite installations here.

Satellite dish installations for international TV.

It is possible to receive free and subscription-based satellite TV services here in Bulgaria. More often than not a larger than that for HotBird dish is required. It is not only possible to use the same fixed dish to receive from more than one satellite position at the same time, but also have your satellite dish installed onto a motor to receive more than 40 different satellite orbital positions all from the same dish. Find out more about International TV here

Satellite Broadband

If you live in a poor broadband area or where you require fast, reliable broadband where no telephone line is available Satellite Broadband is for you. Satellite broadband as the name suggests is broadband delivered over satellite and as no telephone line is required, coverage is nearly 100% of Bulgaria. Find out more about satellite broadband here

Long life, weather resistant Dishes.

We can on request install various types of long life rust proof and weather resistant satellite dishes perfect to coastal locations where the sea may rust apart your standard satellite dish. The most popular type we install are Fibreglass dishes, which are the ultimate in system longevity but we can also install Aluminium dishes and transparent satellite dishes! Find out more on our Long life, weather resistant satellite dishes here.